Oil in Upswing cycle

Rise and Fall of a Crypto Star: How Cycles Predicted the Crash of Nvidia

Sentiment cycles can even play a more important role in market…

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statistical verification bartels

How to (re)format and prepare CSV data for chart import

Often, there is the need to import csv datasets to analyze chart…
fourier cycle detection
cryptocurrency bitcoin

Tulip Mania or 10k target? How to analyze the Bitcoin hype cycle

Cycles in Bitcoin: How Understanding Cycles Can Improve Trading During Crypto Mania

The OMT Cycle is back in AAPL...

Do you remember our live call in March 2015? Where we showed…
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Cycle Indicators for TradingView - cRSI (HowTo)

"How To" video for the cRSI indicator for TradingView
cycles book review by kirkus reviews

Cycles Book Review: Kirkus Reviews on "Metonic" cycles

Our second series on stock market cycles looks to the stars for…
cryptocurrency bitcoin

Cryptocurrency bitcoin data feed available

Start real-time charting of Bitcoin, Ethereum and more

Cycle Books are in Amazon Bestsellers Top 100 for Financial Engineering

Three years after our second edition of our book was available…

Forex Dashboard Snapshot

May 20 2017:

Get Your Daily Cycles Briefing

Tiered by your daily cycle analysis? Tiered in starting your…

Market Cycles Snapshot - Commodities Update

Reflecting the snapshot of 19th April, where we saw a top in…
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NinjaTrader CycleExplorer Indicator

How-To: Setup CycleExplorer Indicator in NinjaTrader
api endpoint plug

API - POST CycleExplorer

Endpoint: POST CycleExplorer

Market Cycles Snapshot

Here is a new short screenshot from our new daily dashboard view!…
Cycles API

API based Dominant Cycle Analysis - Excel Workbook

Example Excel Workbook using the CycleExplorer API

API Overview

Basic API documentation overview
api endpoint plug

API - MarketCycles

Endpoint: GET /api/MarketCycles/{symbol}
Sentiment Cycles Silver

Gold & Silver Cycle Update

Dominant Cycle Update for Gold and Silver - Price and Sentiment…
Sentiment Cycles

Yes, we did it again - cycles rule the market!

Just please check this public forum entry where WTT users posted…

Live Call Review - August market drop was predicted by sentiment cycles

The upcoming top was projected at the end of April with a low…

Gold / Silver: ** No Comment ** Cycle and Sentiment Charts Update

   Please also read the full article sentiment bulletin…

Predicting the EUR/USD low with cycles

Predicting the EUR/USD low with cycles How Social Media Sentiment…

Martin Armstrong on Cycles

Here is a good and short read from Martin Armstrong about the…

WTT / PsychSignal Datafeed integration product launch

We are very proud to annouce that due to our new partnership…

Dominant Cycles introduced at Finovate by our Partner PsychSignal

We are proud to annouce our new partnership with PsychSignal.…

Social Sentiment Cycles have been "spot-on" for EUR/USD

Cycles predicted biggest 30 day increase in EURUSD ahead of timeIn…

Dynamic Cycle Phasing

Please watch the following introduction of a new dynamic cycle…

SPX / VIX Dynamic Cycles Snapshot

All In now (on the short side) [28th April]!This juncture was…

EURO - Dominant Social Media Sentiment Cycle

Data as of 20th March 2015 / Data Source: PsychSignal[ DOWNLOAD…

Bitcoin Realtime Datafeed

New experimental Bitcoin realtime datafeed As new markets are…

One more thing...

Wait, the announcement of Apple moving into the DOW and the iWatch…