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    Hello there,
    I have purchased standalone platform.
    It was running fine till now.
    For last few days, I am not able to use the platform.
    When I try to open I get the dialog box saying “Sorry, not able to compile the user script! please, check the error log.” When I click ok then I get another dialog box with heading – initialization failed. It says could not file CompileErrorLog.txt

    I need help to fix this, please.


    Hello there,
    I have downloaded & installed latest version of the platform on my system. It working good now.
    Thank you.


    Hi Lars,

    I purchased your ebook “Cycles Body of Knowledge 2011” and in my chrome browser it doesnt open. Seems like the Link doesnt work. Than i tried my Firefox browser and there came a site where i can purchase insurance and so on… seems like there is something wrong. you can see it on the picture below…


    Dear Murat,
    is it solved now? I did send you a private message. Let me know if all is up on your end.


    Hey Lars,
    i think i wrote you back…

    But, yes thank you very much for your respond. It all worked out at the end! Perfect.

    Just an additional question: i am having issues to upload CSV data for the Cycle analyzer over the FSC site.
    And in one video i saw that there is an advanced charting (looks a bit like Tradingview i think, but with the cycle tools).

    And does the WTT software has CoT Data and seasonal charts, maybe also seasonal intraday chart???? That would be awesome. I saw that on Tradenavigator… Just asking :)

    thanks in advance

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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