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    Hi Lars

    Few hours ago logged into cycles for the first time and everything worked fine. Now able to log but it says in preview mode.

    When get the chance could you please take a look.

    Appreciate it. Alex.


    Hi Lars,

    My bad, just checked cycles package description. Could you please set me as an insider client from 2014 with cycles toolkit as per description with no fee and 6 months no sub fees. Not sure why i was able to log initially into them that i can’t explain.

    When get a few free minutes please accommodate.

    Thank you. Alex.

    FR Estuar

    Today all of a sudden I am getting a wrong user/password message. I change my password successfully and tried again and still received the error message.

    What is happening. Urgent help please. Developments in Philippine market fast changing and I need to run Cycle Analysis Toolbox.

    Fiorello R. Estuar

    FR Estuar


    My Basic Level subscription is expiring by next month. I am now evaluating whether I should move up to at least Analyst Level.
    I prepared a spreadsheet comparison of the Tables of features in 2 sections of the WTT website. I rearranged the tables a bit for better matching but I still had some problems reconciling some of the inconsistencies.
    Actually, I could see that if you add a limited API Access (say a bit more than 10 per day) to ALL its GET & POST modules through the Excel Workbook Sample, which I have from the Vol 1 book, the Basic Package is already a very powerful one, at least for a beginner to gain experience from for 6 months or so. Could you consider it please.

    Many thanks. FR Estuar
    PS My access to the Basic Package has been down since 24 March (Philippine Time). Bit of a bad timing as the market is going thru a great upheaval and should be very interesting to follow and learn lessons from at this time.


    Hi FR Estuar,
    I hope your login has been resolved by using the username/pw combo and not email/pw. Right?

    I will check your license comparison table and come back with some suggestions later.


    Hi Lars,

    Why does my API key not work in the toolbox as an inside client? Is there something I need to do?


    jean lau

    Hi Lars,
    i have just subscribed at analyst toolbox to test,
    is it possible to get access ?
    thank you
    jean :)

    devrim öğün

    I have already raised a ticket and did not receive any responses. (Ticket #90419608] Newbie a few questions)
    I am therefore trying this support forum.

    1) What is phasing score and phase score ? I was unable to get any answers in the documents.
    I got a 65 phase score and -95 phasing score or vice versa.
    2) How can a cycle with 12 bartel score be the dominant cycle? According to this dominant cycle a low tide which should have been 19.5 days just melted in a week or so and back to the high tide. No significant changes were seen on the price action. Now, a few days later the bartel score is 19.
    3) In your videos you recommend to use 2 cycles only but when I click on all the scanned cycles, the resulting curve is the best fit curve to the price. Except for some of the past amplitudes. Therefore why not use all of the detected cycles?
    4) You announce the following : “Current WTT Inside customers receive an upgrade option to join the “professional” level without a one-time registration fee, and the recurring subscription is suspended for the first 6 months. Please contact WTT by email to receive upgrade instructions.” Please send me information about this offer.

    Thank you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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