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    Was wondering if anyone has developed a working NT8 Cycle Phase Indicator using the dev portal or book code?  All other NT8 book 1 indicators work well.  Using latest NT8.0.13.1 64-bit (Multi-Broker).  Indicator window displays headings, but no cycle lines ever appear.  No screen error messages appear with any settings.  Does not appear to link to the API??  Indicator compiles with no code errors.  Have tried numerous data sets (length, type etc.).  Have run out of ideas.  Thanks.


    Pro bp

    the cycle phase indicator seems to give me the same problems. I haven’t figured it out yet. I did get it to plot at times but pretty sure it was on daily not intra day data.  If it does plot usually its very early in the chart so if you scroll back you might see it for a few hours but usually doesn’t plot to current bar. Still working on why that is

    The cycle scanner, crsi,and cycle swing work fine. My DCE was working great to but I think I might have memory issues  or need to clean my cache because when  I load it now when a new bar plots my screen freezes until the DCE updates. That didn’t happen when I first started using it.  Trying to get that issue smoothed out as well. I’ll let you know if I find out anything



    Thanks for the information Pro bp.  Glad I’m not the only one with cycle phase indicator problems.  I just downloaded the new release NT8.0.14.1 64-bit onto a new super fast trading computer with the same results.  Using Kinetick data from a wide variety of markets and timeframes/lengths with no success.  Frustrating as I had high hopes for this indicator.  All other indicators work well.  Hopefully Lars can evaluate the latest version of NT8 and duplicate our issues. I appreciate any feedback!

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    Cycle Phase Indicator Update.  Downloaded latest NT8 update, 64-bit.  No change in indicator status vs. previous NT8 version.  All WTT indicators continue to work except the Phasing Indicator.  After 4 months of attempts, it appears I will not be able to get this to function.  If Lars would make available for sale a working NT8 version of the indicator I would be interested in purchasing.  Others with the same issues may be interested as well.  As always, any feedback welcomed!



    Unfortunately I don’t even know if Lars still checks this site or forum. I have heard nothing on the third book being released and have tried to contact him as I cannot even get the API for excel to work anymore. Large disappointment after spending so much time and money on this endeavor.



    I am here, no worries;-)

    @dsheloff: “All WTT indicators continue to work except the Phasing Indicator.” First, thats good news. The phasing indicator requires to update/recalc at any bar/tick. Therefore putting too much presure on the backend. Therefore the phasing indicator is limited to daily datasets without realtime updates. Not to overload the API requests this way.

    @soldado1976: Please let me know what is your current issue with API/Excel updates. I will get it solved.

    At all:
    We are worling on a complete re-coding our cycles base to an “Progresse Web App” – meaning it would run on any device, any os, offline/online – with latest UI technologies. So even if you dont hear regulary. The will be a BIG rework in the toolset. We will release a preview version by end of this year. And expect the fully reworked app to launch next year. I have prioritized this over the release of a third book as the “old” window user interface is really outdated these days. As we opened our code library in 2017, we also made the datafeed repository “open source” – wich means you can code your own integrations. And expect in 2019 a total rework of the app!


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