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    I am wondering how you would invoke a volume turn indicator using the c# code that would mimic the Volume chart in the WTT charting platform.   Recall, if you use EOD data for volume, you get a predetermined amount of volume per bar.   However, I think that when you create a new Volume-based chart in WTT, it acts like a tick feed somehow and the number of bars created is e.g. V[i] /15000(?) — from the Volume 3 book.

    However, when setting e.g. close[i] = volume[i] /100000 in a loop to force CSI and CRSI to generate a signal from volume, the results are too jumpy.   So what does a volume chart in WTT do differently than a price chart for e.g. CSI, and is there a transform for which the Volume chart in WTT can be mimicked using C# code and perhaps a loop?   What comes to mind is the log transform, etc.

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