When Money Dies – Endgame Markers

Compressed timeline wrap up:

110. Nov. 2014German Banks Lower the Deposit Guarantee Scheme
212. Nov. 2014Russia speeds up to Launch New Payments System to Circumvent SWIFT Network – new test date 15.Dec. 2014
316. Nov. 2014G20 announcement in Brisbane, Australia – “A new agenda for financial services” or “The day money dies.”
403. Dec. 2014Re-classification on how to rate gold reserves in balance sheets released at ECB
508. Dec. 2014The mother of all bank runs – Gold Repatriation in Europe: Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Austria all bring Gold “home”
610. Dec. 2014U.S. Treasury ordered survival packs for 3.800 bank examiners
711. Dec. 2014Premiere: China asked IMF to include yuan as global reserve currency
812. Dec. 2014IMF announced possible “Economic Reset” by slamming the door on the U.S. and the Dollar in 2015
912. Dec. 2014Chicago Fed is “bricking up” ground floor windows
1012. Dec. 2014CME/COMEX puts new trading rules for gold/silver starting 22. Dec. 2014 – What do they know?
1112. Dec. 2014Spending package passed by US congress – U.S. public was sold down the river
1213. Dec. 2014Silent Launch: Microsoft accepts Bitcoin as new currency
1316. Dec. 2014Commodity Trading Giant Exits Physical Gold Due To “Lack Of Physical With A Documented Origin”
1416. Dec. 2014“Russians must get used to new way of life after ruble crash, says bank chief”
1519.Dec. 2014Houston, we have a problem.” – FED To The Rescue! There are no fundamentals anymore; welcome to the new normal.
1621. Dec. 2014Cenral Banks are secretly controlling all futures prices (Chris Powell)
1722. Dec. 2014Russia’s ex-finance boss warns of “full-blown economic crisis”
1829. Dec. 2014Eurozone: IMF suspends financial aid to Greece
1929. Dec. 2014Eurozone: Greek elections “tragedy” could end in utter ruin “Grexit”


when money dies

“When Money Dies”

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December 2014 News Wrap-Up (.pdf):

Attached is a pdf wrap-up of the December 2014 events in the international monetary system titled “2015 – The year money dies.”
Monetary System Dec2014 Events


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