POST    /api/CycleExplorer

Dominant cycle analysis for individual datasets. Can be used to plot Dominant Cycles as indicators on a chart with any charting platform, e.g. NinjaTrader or TradeStation. Returns current dominant cycle.


  • Price data-set as double array (POST).
  • Range (min/max) as query parameters to scan for actual dominant cycle length and last date to use.


  • Current dominant cycle length in bars
  • Cycle info (amplitude, phase)
  • Human readable last cycle pivots as bar offset from last bar (lastlow, lasttop)
  • Human readable next cycle pivots as bot offsets from last bar (nextlow, nexttop)
  • Human readable current cycle phase (e.g. approaching top)
  • Profitability score for trading the detected cycle against the price dataset
  • Phasing Score to show the combined phase status for current long- and short-term cycle on a scale from (-200 to +200
  • Full timeseries datapoints with cycle value, price-cycle and close to plot a chart with dominant cycle as indicator

Example Request:

Returns dominant cycle information for a manual data-set included in POST body of the request:


Parameter Value Description Parameter Type Data Type