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We have launched the preview for our new web-based Cycles 2.0 app!

Decoding The Hidden Market Rhythm

Your knowledge library & source code

Our book series consists of two independent books. They provide solid knowledge on the dynamic cycle analysis approach and ways to use it in the trading world. Included is the methodology behind the implemented tools along with concrete examples of how to put cyclic analysis into trading practice. This approach is different from traditional cycle approaches in that this is the first time that a dynamic approach to cycles has been presented. The newly revised 3rd Edition (2017) of our book comes with indicator source code for MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, C++, Excel workbooks and API integration!

WTT Charting Platform

This standalone platform is fully loaded with all standard charting and technical analysis functions currently available; the module can connect to most available data feeds. In addition, the platform provides new and proprietary analysis functions for cycle analysis, genetic engineering with scripting, and live alerts for real-time trading. It puts financial time series data based cyclic analysis and genetic algorithms into trading practice as never before.


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WTT Academy & Training Library

This video library contains over 20 hours of educational material and demonstrates how to use the knowledge offered in combination with the WTT Charting Platform. Actual use cases and trading scenarios are available to help educate our clients. The library is updated monthly with new examples and use-cases. Updates on articles and presentations held at different institutions will be made available here for our clients. Learning is vital to harnessing the power of the knowledge and tools we offer.

Collaboration & expert discussion

We offer both open and moderated private forums for our clients to exchange ideas, collaborate, and share use-cases, scripts, and possible trading scenarios amongst each other. We will post updates, real examples, and forecasts continuously in the moderated private forums.

Genetic Engineering & Trading Systems

Our latest development combines our cycles approach with the power of genetic algorithms. This approach is the first of its kind and opens the door to never before seen ways to detect cycles and apply them to real trading situations. The genetic algorithm can even be used in combination with our scripting engine to develop automatic trading systems with all integrated technical indicators; it is highly flexible and can be customized to fit any need. This Genetic Algorithm implementation is not available anywhere else in commercial trading applications.

What others say about us

“After taking a look at what Lars has done, I’d say at this point he is sitting on top of the pile. The core discovery here is a fantastic cycle algorithm that is REALLY good at sniffing out useful market cycles.”

Earik BeannCEOWave59

“Lars ground-breaking work in cycle analysis, now augmented with genetic algorithms, provides a unique perspective on the markets and enables the creation of innovative trading strategies not found elsewhere.”

Dimitri VillardManaging PartnerFacet Capital Partners, LLC

“This is one of the best genetic algorithm apps out there. Lars is extremely knowledgeable about genetic algorithms. This software ranks among the best in artificial intelligence.”

Richard GardnerPresidentModulus Financial Engineering, Inc.

“I had the opportunity to review the latest version by Lars, who is one of the leading developers of market cycle reserach in the world. If you are interested in cycle market research, then the book and charting software should be considered for anyone serious in this area.”

Larry JacobsCEO & EditorTRADERSWORLD Magazine

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